Universal Riders: Portugal !

Since our creation in 2003, we have worked hard to develop our range of products, motorbikes and services.  Thanks to you, our success has lead to the opening of a total of 6 agencies in France.

But today, we go abroad ! We have just opened a new agency in Portugal

We had the chance to meet Stéphanie and Jean-François who’s backstory is breathtaking.

After creating his own business in France, Jean-François has left all of it behind and has decided to live his passion abroad. Organising motorcycle touristic tours in Portugal became his daily life.

Today, Jean-François and Stéphanie took together the challenge to represent Universal Riders in Praia de Mira, on the portuguese coast.

Universal Riders portugal3
Credit: Pixabay

Stéphanie has decided to join Jean-François in the opening of the Universal Riders agency to take apart of the adventure and manage all the Marketing process related to the Praia de Mira agency. The agency has opened in april 2019 and they are both waiting to welcome you warmly in this beautiful country.

portuguese landscape road
Credit: Pixabay


You can now rent a motorcycle in Praia de Mira with us and enjoy a full adventure roadtrip, solo, with friends or family, and visit portuguese gems. You can see more about what to discover in Portugal while riding a motorbike on our website, and stay tuned for more informations about the best tours to do in Portugal.

MORE BIG NEWS : Universal Riders will also open other agencies in Europe very soon !

Universal Riders portugal


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