BMW R1250GS 2019 review

At Universal Riders, we are making sure that each motorcycle we rent is no older than 2 years. As of today, we offer you the possibility to hire one of the latest BMW R1250 GS.

Since the GSs are apart of the most popular and sold bike in the industry, we can only say that improving the GS must of been a whole challenge for the guys in the office.

Fortunately, the R1250 GS 2019 version has won the challenge and… our hearts.

Basically, the R1250 GS is an impressive upgrade of the R1200 GS. Fully equipped with some top tech’ makes it very comfortable to ride, the TFT connected dashboard gives you all the information needed : fuel capacity, time, weather, navigation, rpms, speed, music if connected to your smartphone etc.

Most importantly, the R1250 GS is impressive by its new engine capacities. The new shiftcam boxer delivers a very smooth riding with more power and efficiency. We’re talking about 1254cc and 136 hp.

What we really appreciate is that BMW has not left behind the qualities of the 1200 GS, this R1250 GS is still as comfortable (850/870mm saddle height), easy to ride, and they have even improved the bike’s manoeuvrability. For example, it is equipped with a hill hold control system allowing you to apply the brakes at standstill automatically.


So to sum up this BMW R1250 GS review, it is an upgrade of the 1200 GS, with a lot of resemblance (same frame, same design, but better, smoother and with more power!) This is German efficiency at its best !

Let’s be fair, it can’t only be brilliant. One of the negative points would be that you can’t feel as much the engine as you could before, so some will prefer this extreme smoothness, but sometimes isn’t it nice to just feel a little bit of bumps and action ?

The best thing to do is to try it for yourself,  we can’t deny the fact that a motorcycle is more than very personal.

If this review makes you want to buy a BMW R1250 GS, you can check out the official BMW Motorrad website. If you fancy renting a motorcycle in Europe, check out our website. and discover our agencies in France or Portugal, we will be happy to meet you !

What about used motorcycles? Here’s a list of websites specialized in used motorcycles sale:




Canada EN :



specs BMW1250GS

BMW R1250 GS 2019 specs:

  • Capacity : 1254 cc
  • Engine : air/oil-cooled 4stroke flat twin engine BMW shiftcam boxer
  • Tank capacity : 20 L
  • Seat height : 850/870 mm
  • Weight : 249 kg
  • ASC: Automatic Stability Control
  • 2 riding modes Rain+Road
  • HSC: Hill Start Control
  • Led headlights
  • ABS

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