Motorcycle tour in Europe: Top 10 best motorcycle destinations and routes in Europe.

You might be planning for your next motorcycle roadtrip in Europe and asking yourself: “Where should I travel to in Europe?”

Now we have tried to condense as many information as we could to give you an opportunity to discover 10 of the best motorcycle riding countries in Europe.

Obviously, this is a small list of the 10 best motorcycling destinations and routes in Europe, the list is not classified from best to least, but we obviously need to start at some point so.. Enjoy!

1) Riding a motorcycle in Corsica

2) Riding a motorcycle in the Alps

3) Riding a motorcycle in Italy

4) Riding a motorcycle in Norway

5) Riding a motorcycle in Ireland

6) Riding a motorcycle in Germany

7) Riding a motorcycle in Austria

8) Riding a motorcycle in Romania

9) Riding a motorcycle in Portugal

10) Riding a motorcycle in Spain

Travel on your own motorcycle or rent a motorcycle in Europe?

  • Riding a motorcycle in Corsica:


Corsica is a beautiful French island located in the Mediterranean. The landscapes are breath-taking and you will never forget a motorcycle tour in Corsica, trust me! In summer, the destination is in some places very touristic and the temperatures are also quite hot. But it is also a period where the environment is really amazing.


To access Corsica, you can take a plane or a ferry from Marseille in France for example. The moutains roads are beautiful and you will certainly be familiar with sheep crossing!


  • Riding a motorcycle in the Alps:


The Alps cover 5 countries including France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria. The diversity of the culture, the landscapes, the roads, the people is really amazing. It is one of the best place to travel to Europe in summer 2019 because there are not so many tourists compared to sea coasts, and the weather is most of the time great!

The Alps are amazing, in summer, the weather is really nice for bikers. The routes are some of the best to travel to on a motorcycle, most of the roads and mountain passes in the Alps are famous such as the Bonette mountain pass (2715m), the Télégraphe pass (1566m), the Lautaret pass. (2058m), the Stelvio pass and its 60 hairpin turns etc.


The landscapes are breath-taking with large viewpoints, panoramas, lakes, mountain passes and hairpin tight bends. The French Alps is a gem for motorcycle enthusiasts with its local traditional villages, beautiful cities, food and natural preserved landscapes. Also you will ride along with many other bikers from all over the world on your way through the Alps.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Italy:


Italy is another beautiful place to ride to, the country hides different kind of landscapes, from mountain type routes near the Alps like the famous Dolomites road, vast beautiful plains marked with authentic Italian villages and vineyards to coastal roads leading to some of the best places in Europe.


Even the big cities are amazing, Rome, Venice, Milan… The culture and the architecture are unbelievable, and it is also a must see when riding a motorcycle in Italy. Another good point, the food. The good cuisine and wine is also an important part of the trip!

From gems such as Cinq Terre to southern Italy where the Amalfi coast is located, roam along authentic villages, seaside beaches and valleys to discover exceptional sceneries.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Norway:


What to say about riding a motorcycle in Norway, well this huge country offers a large playground for whoever wants to discover the famous Fjords, the Atlantic road or the Islands such as the Lofoten Islands or the North Cape. Also, the troll road is a well known destination for bikers wanting to discover panoramic routes and twisty roads.


Because of its size, the Norwegian territory has many activities to offer, the midnight sun, glaciers, the Fjords etc. The different towns and cities are also very authentic…There is so many to see while riding a motorcycle in Norway! The photos will say many things words can’t tell. It’s not only about the beauty of the landscapes, its about the rider’s experience.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Ireland:


Welcome to the Viking’s sanctuary!

Ireland is a great place to motorcycle to, the countryside, the Ocean or the sea, long coast roads, cliffs and wild preserved areas. You need to know that Ireland is full of secrets, one of them is the weather forecast. One minute it will be nice and warm, no clouds, and then suddenly you will need to put on the rain suit! But this is all part of the adventure isn’t it?


The Celtic country is a really good destination for motorcycling, we recommend you to rather go from May to October. The ring of Kerry is a 200km long road located in southern Ireland where you can discover the coast and poetic roads crossing stone bridges and green lands.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Germany:


You might have in mind: “I should ride on the German roads because there are no speed limits, what a dream for bikers!”

Well actually, all the roads are not concerned by this particular rule, so you need to check-out the information before hitting the road. Moreover, Germany is a biker’s paradise for those who want to discover a new culture, its equivalent of the route 66, the Pan Germania route.


The landscapes are various, lakes  and streams near the romantic route, majestic monuments such as the Bavarian castles near the Alps, but also dedicated motorcycle enthusiast places like museums, race circuits etc. Also the road 500 is a famous destination for bikers, it crosses the Black Forest, a dense famous forest in Germany known to have inspired the  Brothers Grimm fairy tales

Roam down the roads of southern Germany to discover the impressive Bavarian castles such as the famous Neuschwanstein that inspired Walt Disney’s castle is also a must do.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Austria:


Austria is a beautiful country to visit on a motorcycle. From wild countryside, forests, mountains to Baroque cities such as Salzburg or Vienna with its cultural heritage, Austria is marked with German culture and traditional heritage.


The pure blue waters from glaciers lakes with small local villages, surrounding mountains and pine trees will definitely win your hart.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Romania:


Romania hides a couple of dream playgrounds like the DN7C road, a long hairpin cornered road climbing up the mountains. This road is actually considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world.


We can definitely tell you it is one of the best to ride to if you want to experiment an athletic ride! You will also pass medieval castles, vast green plains and mountains, forests and lakes.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Portugal:


The small country located between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean isn’t to be left in a corner. The warm lands of Portugal where the temperatures can sometimes go up to 38°C offers long roads following the beautiful Ocean coast, from Porto to Faro.


Most of the time you will see towns and villages overhanging cliffs onto the Ocean, small local port towns, white sand beaches and cultural cities. You should absolutely visit Lisbon, Faro, Cascais and Porto. The architecture is also marked with Oriental culture, for example the Pena Palace is an impressive architectural gem located in Sintra.


  • Riding a motorcycle in Spain:


The last destination of our listing is Spain. Spain is also a warm land, where you can travel by the coast, famous cities or ride along the Pyrenees mountain chain. Some places are very unusual such as the Bardenas Reales desert. Spain is a beautiful country with very nice landscapes but also the town and cities are very impressive. The cities you would need to visit in Spain would be Granada, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.


The coast is most of the time covered with high buildings and it is not the best part of Spain you will see when riding a motorcycle, so don’t hesitate to ride through the country from city to city and then discover the wildest part of Spain through Andalusia and northern Spain next to the Pyrenees.



You might wonder how to prepare a motorcycle for a long trip, if you are thinking of travelling with your own bike then you might want to check-out this article:

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