BMW F 750 GS 2019 review

The new BMW F 750 GS is part of our range of rented motorcycles, so we thought it would be great to give you a short review of the BMW F 750 GS in this article.

The new 2019 BMW F 750 GS, one of the smallest BMW adventure tourers, is the smaller version of its big brother the BMW F 850GS.

  • So then, what are the main differences between the BMW F750GS and the BMW F850GS?
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For a start, the frame and the engine on both GSes are the same. The BMW F750 GS is not as powerful as the 850, there is a bit less torque and max power (77 vs 90hp at 7 500rpm).

  • So, why should you buy or rent a BMW F750GS instead?

The F 750 GS comes up in two versions, the standard one and the version with additional features with pro ride modes option. The pro option contains Enduro mode and Dynamic mode. On the standard version, the throttle of the BMW F 750 GS seems to be a bit too smooth, for those who prefer a more dynamic ride you are better going for the pro option modes… or change for a BMW F 850 GS.

Anyways, this motorcycle offers the possibility for smaller riders to have fun on a smaller version of the GSes family with its 770-815 mm height seat.  It’s also a very light motorcycle with a total weight of 224kg. The suspensions are adjustable contrary to the 850, and the TFT dashboard offers a brilliant tool for the rider. The TFT screen is very clear to read, the information is simple, large enough to be seen without having to bend down and the visibility is still clear when the sun hits the screen.


The main point about this motorcycle is that it is not really the best to ride off-road, it is a more tarmac orientated motorcycle. It will be at its best and most impressive on proper tarred roads especially in the countryside and mountain type roads. Long riding and touring is totally feasible, the BMW F 750 GS is easy to handle, very comfortable, and gives excellent capacities when not off-road.

At high speed, the wind blast is an issue because of the short windscreen, but as we said, this bike is perfect for countryside roads and mountain winding roads, where there is no need to speed up as much.


If there was a real comparison to do, it would be with the Triumph Tiger rather than the F 850 GS. So stay tuned, the next blog article might just be about our  Triumph Tiger 800 XRx review.

  • What about the BMW F 750 GS price?

The price of a new BMW 750 GS will start off at +11 200$. Then, depending on the options it will price up to + 14 000$.

  • The BMW F 750 GS specs:

Engine type: two-cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC, for valves per cylinder.

Displacement: 853cc

Power claimed: 77hp at 7500rpm

Torque claimed: 61 f-p at 6000rpm

Transmission: 6 speed

Front suspension: 41 mm telescopic fork

Rear suspension: Central spring shock with hydraulic preload and rebound

Front brake: Brembo calipers, two-piston

Rear brake: One-piston caliper

Seat height: 30.3 to 32.6 inches

Tank capacity: 4 g

Weight: 493 pounds


If you want to rent a motorcycle in Europe you can rent the BMW F750 GS with us, whether you already know the bike or just want to test it on European roads. Check-out our website for more info, click: here.

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